What Is A Carb? A Car Is Nothing But A Chain Of Carbon And Hydrogen Atoms, With An Additional Oxy …

Basically, carbohydrates are the commonest source of fuel in our body system and the main source of energy in plants, animals and even in humans. A carb can be found in many foods such as vegetables, sugar, starches, legumes, bread and cereals. The latest review on geeks health found that Carbfix Independent has got some of the highest levels of antioxidants amongst all the carb-rich food products in the market. Here’s the scoop on the company that claims to have developed an easy carb-friendly snack mix, which it says has more than 500 g of protein, fat-burning monounsaturated fatty acids and the latest in a long series of healthy snacks.

According to the latest reviews, the Carbfix Independent has very low-fat and very low-sugar contents. A Carbohydrate is said to be any material that can be


into other substances, and carbohydrates are the only material able to do so. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, which is used by the body for energy and the existence of glucose molecules in the blood stream plays a vital role in ensuring the body’s existence. As far as health is concerned, glucose is responsible for burning fat and maintaining a healthy level of blood pressure.

However, when you do not eat any form of carbohydrates, your body uses fats and proteins for energy. Therefore, a Carbohydrate is defined as any material that is made up of one or more sugars. The body uses carbohydrates as a source of energy during physical activities such as running, jumping, playing sports, etc. However, when you do not consume any carbohydrates, your body uses fats and proteins for energy, which may sometimes result in malfunctioning of different organs in the body. It also leads to diabetes.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you must ensure that you stay away from all low-carb diet options. Although a low-carb diet is recommended for diabetic patients, it will not necessarily help in maintaining good health.Diabetics should concentrate on healthy eating habits in order Carbfix Independent reviews to prevent diabetes complications. Following are a few benefits of maintaining a low-carb diet:

* It helps you lose weight without increasing your calorie intake. Carbohydrates are broken down into simple units of sugar (glucose) and starch (starch), therefore, any change in the balance between these two main nutrients will lead to weight loss. However, carbohydrates can be combined with protein for optimal energy levels, but in such a case, you need to ensure that you are not increasing your calorie intake to compensate for the lack of protein.

* Reduces risk of coronary artery disease. According to recent studies, diets high in starchy carbohydrates increase the risk of developing blood clots, particularly in women. High-fiber diets also reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by decreasing the risk of triglycerides and increasing the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in the blood. While this process may seem temporary, long-term effects have been linked to high LDL cholesterol levels. Since LDL cholesterol is the major ingredient of plaque deposits that form in arteries, these results can prove fatal.

* Reduces or eliminates the need for insulin injections. This reduces blood glucose levels, which are known to contribute to diabetes. Diabetics who switch to foods that have high amounts of carbohydrates have experienced a considerable decrease in their insulin injections. Switching to low-GI foods can also help diabetics avoid or limit the need for insulin injections.

* Lessens or eliminates the need for calorie-controlled diet plan. A diabetic needs to maintain a low-calorie diet if they want to keep their weight in check. Because refined carbohydrates have a higher glycemic index than higher fibre starchy foods, a diet rich in higher fibre starchy foods can help control the amount of calories consumed. High GI foods raise the insulin levels in the blood,


the body to burn stored fat and calories to replenish them